OYC-216 The Power Of Drinking Is Amazing!Stupid Scary!Seniors Who Are Serious And Seriously Guarded Are Forced To Drink At The Drinking Party At A Circle Camp And Forcibly Drunk, They Change To Guards Loose To Erotic Female College Students!Despite Having A Boyfriend Who Has Been Dating For Many Years, It Got Bombed Only By Kissing In The Game! !Even If You Put Your Fingers …



Id : OYC-216

Release Date : 2018-11-07

Lenght : 205 min(s)

Director : Hamon

Maker : Oyashoku Company / Mousozoku

Label : HHH Group

Genres : Creampie, 3P 4P, Nasty Hardcore, Cowgirl, Dead Drunk

Cast : Hayakawa Mizuki (Takarada Arisa), Aoi Rena, Hinata Umi (Satou Yuri)